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Most amazing find!! My dad went on a walk with friends for Good Friday and his buddy’s son found this, so my dad went back for it today, told me it was a raccoon skull but no, it’s a cat!!! I’m so overjoyed this is amazing!! In the cleaning process for now! Beauty ! 😻💁#catskull #skull

Awaiting waking up to the most amazing person in my life, beside me :) it’s so wonderful

How does it feel to be all that you are?, all that you want to be. Is that what you want to be? #citizen  #cizsociety
Regram of me curtesy of @cleareyesclothing !!! Snap backs will be launched on their website, and believe me, they’re rad!! Helped out with the logo and it’s be so wicked to see you guys representing clear eyes!! Get me while they’re hot! ; ) ..another epic part of my Toronto journey! #cleareyesclothing #cec #snapback #floral #cleareyes #keepitreal www.cleareyesclothing.bigcartel.com
I spy deer behind tree ! ( : amazing adventure with @spicyvixen7 !! #deer #wildlife #nature

Deer behind tree on Flickr.
Took this picture today, me and Maggie came across atleast 15 deer in the forest, it was amazing!

Willy Kriegel “Nacht” 1943